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Hey! I'm Ooyama! I'm part of the SSS and I love potato chips. There isn't anything special about me, but it would be nice to talk to people anyway.
M!A status: None
((Hey guys, this is an independent RP blog for Ooyama/ Oyama from Angel Beats! Feel free to ask him questions, you can ask me, the Mun, questions as well! Will RP with any fandom, including OCs.
Tracking: battlefrontsharpshooter (no dashes or spaces) just post something in that tag if you want me to see it! ALSO this is a side blog, so I cannot follow back, sorry!))

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Ooyama's past
syo rp blog
((I think this sums us up))

((I think this sums us up))

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    that was a beautiful sentence indeed— the ones in which they make a man question what he truly is. A symphony of the...
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